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Finding a Godly wife or husband in our contemporary world can be daunting. God from biblical times of creation made Adam and Eve without any disequilibrium in His plan for us. It’s a one man – one woman affair. One of the biggest obstacles I have seen in is the health issues of intending marriage partners.

We have seen relationships with prospects crumble when intending marriage partners undertake a voluntary medical test to ascertain their health status prior to marriage. Though it is a condition sine qua non to marriage especially in Churches, it is not the intention of any of them to sour any relationship. These are issues that have tendencies to break marriages in a future. However, a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage. Some intending partners will simply walk away at the disclosure of their fiancé’s status. Be it HIV, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, etc. though they can be terminal in nature, sometimes it becomes unacceptable with the departing party.  

When such a situation happens, the other party is left with no option than to move on in search of another person who will however understand their state of health and still consider him/her for marry. In this article, I explore possible means through which any man or woman can adopt to find a life-partner in Nigeria in the barest minimum time-frame – as little as seven days which are as follows:

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1.)    Talk to the Pastor or any elder in your local church with whom you have a close relationship with whom your privacy is guaranteed, express your heart-felt desire in meeting a suitable person for a marriage relationship.

2.)    If you have a doctor or health-care professional attending to your health-care need, confide in him/her about your genuine desire to find a life-partner. Here, you should not be biased about the health status of the people you meet.

3.)    If you are HIV positive, you need be careful about disclosing your status to just anyone you meet newly. At this point you may consider confiding your genuine interest in finding a life-partner in any family member who has fore-knowledge of your health-status.

4.)    You can look out for online dating websites dedicated to HIV positive people online with reliable track records of matching people with your kind of situation in your city or country. The watch-word here is absolute privacy. They will do everything possible to protect your privacy and identity in the process of helping you find a life-partner. It can be daunting but this is their job. Do not panic for anything because they are experienced in such service.

5.) Find a match-making consultant to speak with regularly at the instance of meeting new persons on the subject of marriage, so they can guide you through the relationship till your wedding day.

6.) Pick up Christian books on the subject of marriage to prepare yourself towards a successful Christian relationship ahead of your wedding and marriage life.

7.) A Pastor, other clergymen or trained marriage counselors in your local church can equally play this guidance role to help you succeed in this journey. Absolute secrecy is not advisable here as marriage is a life long journey.

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By Brandon E. is a relationship counselor with Spouse Garden. We have helped many around the world find life-partners.  –  , A Marriage Agency based in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. +2348099187505.

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