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Location - Lagos state: I am Lollynik, 37years of age, from Lagos State and reside in Lagos. I am worship with the RCCG. I am HIV POSITIVE and on medication and I am very healthy. My blood group is O+ and genotype AS. I work in Lagos state, as a Public Servant. And do some little businesses by the side. I am fair in complexion, tall and slim. I love cooking, crafting, listening to music and dancing. I am a very hardworking and sincere lady.

I am looking for a God fearing man of a Pentecostal belief, between the ages of 39-42yrs preferably. HIV POSITIVE Yoruba man, working class. He must be an educated man, University or Polytechnic graduate. He could be residing in any part of the country or out of Nigeria. I want a man who is faithful, sincere, jovial and caring. View full profile <<Click here>>
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'Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.' – Mark 11:24
SGThis shall be your testimony this year in Jesus' name!
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