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Success Stories and Feedback

To God alone be all the Glory !! for all the successes recorded on this platform !!


This is Ogoo from Lagos. pls I wld like u to remove my profile from the page. I have gotten someone but i still get mails from the site. I thank God for giving me a life partner. May all glory and honour be unto His holy name in Jesus name. Amen
September 2014

My name is chinyere, am 33years old! I want to specially tank spousegarden for bringing hope to me in about 4months of being a member of this site. I av been + for 10months  before i stumbled into ur site. Today i have found Paul, who loves me so much! Am so happy! Tank u guys for ur huge help! I appreciate! We will be getting married soon!  Please remove my profile from your site because I still get contacts from it.

  From Abuja.
December 2013

Hi spouse garden,
my name is Precious, I am 27 years old, I want to use this opportunity to thank you guys for bringing back joy and hope in my life. I was diagnose of HIV last year, and I came across your site, and I found victor who brought back joy, love and hope which I lost for long back. We are in serious relationship now and we are getting married this year. I thank you guys for your support and caring God will reward you people richly.
November 2013

My name is Emy! am 27years old! I want to specially tank spousegarden for bringing hope to me in about 2months of being a member of this site. I av been HIV+ for 3yrs before i stumbled into ur site. Today i have found Maxwell, who loves me so much! Am so happy! Tank u guys for ur huge help! I appreciate! We will be getting married soon!

from Delta state
August 2013

Dear Spouse Garden,
I subscribed to your matchmaking service four months ago and today I've met the young man I want to spend the rest of my life with. We've known each other in a short while but it's as if we've known for ages. I give gratitude to God and of course to Spouse Garden. Niqqueecy.
From Lagos, Nigeria
July 2013

I was skeptical at the onset but gave it a trial. Its being really great to have come across Spouse Garden. God is really using you guys. Briefly the guy I met here is the man of my dream. He is God-fearing, loving and has future prospects. So, I am really happy for out of many he is the one I chose. Its being great knowing Spouse Garden. I pray for more grace from God for you all. God bless your team.
Happiness O.
from Abuja, Nigeria
March, 2013.

My name is Alphonso, I am 34 years old, you guys brought back hope in my life.  I was diagnosed of HIV 5 years ago. I never had concern for my state of health until my girl left me when I disclosed by status to her. Again, I found another girl who later left me for just no serious reason shortly after I disclosed my status to her. I felt like giving up dating until I came across your site. Today I have found Maria here and she is someone who cares to look beyond my HIV-positive status and still love me. We will be getting married in the course of the year.
Thank you guys for your unquantifiable help.
Dublin, Ireland


I’ve met the missing rib of my life and we are now engaged! "... I was a little worried about my status before signing-up 4 ur membership. I have been positive for 3 years and just met my fiancé after only 2 attempts on your website! We began by email messages after receiving his contact from Spouse Garden, followed by telephone and then met for real. I had been searching for 4 - 5 years while he was living only 3km away from me! If it wasn’t for you I would never have found him.
Thanks so much!"
from Abuja

I’m so glad sir "I wanted to write and share my excitement. I am no longer a member because I have met the love of my life on through you! Due to work commitments we have only been able to see each other at weekends. She works in Ikeja while I work in Victoria Island and we are ok with it!
Keep up your good work! "

  I will be recommending you to my friends! "... Best wishes to everyone at Spouse Garden, just wanted to let you know we got married last week, we both feel wonderfully happy and we are starting a newly married life. I know that you are bringing a lot of happiness to a lot of people out there, God bless you all"
Careen E.
Port Harcourt


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